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Institutional Arrangements

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  • Delhi Disaster Management Authority has been notified. The first meeting was held on 19th February, 2004. With the LG as the head of the Apex Committee that governs this authority, the CM, Ministers, Chief Secretary, Principal Secretaries of relevant departments, Police, Fire Service, MHA, etc. are members. The Divisional Commissioner is the convenor/co-coordinator of the DDMA.
  • Minutes of Meeting held on September 9, 2004
  • For overall supervision of the GoI-UNDP Disaster Risk Management programme, which covers all aspects of disaster management, a state steering committee has been setup under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary.
  • Minutes of meeting held on 11.2.2005
  • Working Groups for implementation of the DRM Programme-(i) Prevention and Mitigation (ii) Preparedness and Response, have been approved by Government and have been notified.. Each of the groups will consist of sub-groups to deal with awareness generation, capacity building, planning, techno-legal aspects, etc.
  • District Disaster Management Committees have been formed in all districts of Delhi. All districts have being issued funds to be used for disaster management related activities.
  • Emergency Operation Centres (EOCs) - 2 State level EOCs are to be established. One at the Delhi Secretariat and the other at the Office of the Divisional Commissioner. All districts have identified space for either permanent or temporary EOC. Construction of EOC has been completed in districts North East, North West, East, Central and South. All district EOCs have been strengthened with necessary communication and IT infrastructure.
  • Act and Policy - The National Disaster Management Act has been enacted. Delhi intends to follow the same. The Draft Disaster Management Policy has been shared with all departments for comments.
  • State Government has identified Fire Safety Management Academy, Rohini as state level nodal institute for conducting Training of Trainers programme in search & rescue, for police and fire personnel.
  • Disaster Management has been mainstreamed into the Plan Scheme of the Government and funds have been earmarked for Disaster Management for the year 2006-07.