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Retrofitting of Lifeline Buildings

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The Delhi Earthquake Safety Initiative

  • A pilot project to precede the National Earthquake Mitigation Project of the Ministry of Home Affairs called the Delhi Earthquake Safety Initiative has been started.
  • Five lifeline buildings of the Govt. Of Delhi to be retrofitted with technical assistance from Geo Hazards International (GHI) &USAID.
  • Structural and Non-structural mitigation activities will have technical assistance from SEEDS and GHI


Buildings Team User
Delhi Secretariat
  1. Team leader-Sh. Mukund Joshi Project Manager
  2. Sh. C.M Tiwari, EE(Civil)
  3. Sh. S.K Garg, AE (Civil)
  4. Sh T.B Singh AE (Civil)
  5. Sh. Premchand AE (Civil)
  6. Sh. Ashutosh Singh JE (Civil)
  7. Sh. T.K Biswas, E (Civil)
  8. Sh. Amar Balwani EE (Elect)
  9. Sh. Santosh Kumar Pandey
Sh O.P Jain, Jt Secretary (GAD)
Police Headquarters
  1. Team Leader-Sh Anil Kumar Pandit,SE, (Civil)
  2. Mr Amar Singh
  3. Sh. K.N.C Prasad AE(Civil)
  4. Sh. Karnal Singh AE(Civil)
  5. Sh. Mondal EE (Planning)
  6. Sh. A.K Yadav AE –Planning (Civil)
  7. Sh. S.S Jaiswal AE-Planning (Civil)
  8. Sh. Ramprakash JE (Civil)
  9. Sh. S.K Jain JE (Civil)
Sh Sewadass, Spl Commissioner of Police
Ludlow Castle School No. 1
  1. Team Leader- -Sh. Vineet Jaiswal, SE (Civil)
  2. Sh. C.M Tiwari, EE (Civil)
  3. Sh. Iswari Prasad, AE (Civil)
  4. Sh. Rajbir Singh, AE (Civil)
  5. Sh. Siddiqui AE
  6. Sh. V.K Gupta, EE (Elect)
Sh.B.K Sharma, Principal
Office of the Divisional Commissioner
  1. Team Leader-Sh. Vineet Jaiswal, SE (Civil)
  2. Sh Raj Kumar Thakur,EE (Civil)
  3. Sh Devi Shankar AE, (Civil)
  4. Sh.Ram Kanwar AE, (Civil)
  5. Sh.Jamil Ahmed AE (Civil)
  6. Sh.M.P Singh JE (Civil)
Sh. S.K Jha, ADM (HQ)/Jt. Secy. DDMA
GTB Hospital
  1. Team Leader-Sh. Mukund Joshi, Project Manager
  2. Sh. C.M Tiwari, EE (Civil)
  3. Sh. Iswari Prasad, AE (Civil)
  4. Sh. Rajbir
  5. Sh. Siddiqui AE
  6. Sh. V.K Gupta, EE (Elect)
Dr. D.K Srivastava, Medical Superintendent

Phase I of the programme will involve

  • Selection of the five buildings
  • Setting up of Technical committee headed by Divisional Commissioner
  • Setting up of teams under able team leaders
  • Identification of Peer Review Panel
  • Inaugural (roll out) Workshop (28,29 April ’05)
  • Refresher course (2,3,4 May ’05)
  • Peer Review Panel Meeting 1 (5,6 May ‘05)
  • The Peer Review Panel includes

From India:

  1. Prof A.S Arya (National Seismic Advisor)
  2. Sh. Jose Kurien (Chief Engg., DTTDC)
  3. Prof.D.K Paul (IIT Roorkee)
  4. Sh. Mahesh Tandon (President, Indian Conrete Institute and MD, Tandon Consultants)

From USA:

  1. Mr. Melvyn Green
  2. Mr. William Holmes
  3. Mr. Kip Edwards
  4. Mr. Izzat Idris
  5. Mr. Tom Tobin

For more details and copies of presentations visit: http://www.quakesafedelhi.net